We continue to support the next-generation high capacity/high speed networks required by our broadband society with the latest technology, focusing on optical communication.

Representative products

Optical fiber cables

Our optical fiber cables support high capacity communication. The Furukawa Electric Group boasts world-class achievements in this field.

Variable wavelength laser modules

We provide optical parts that are important for optical digital coherent communication equipment that dramatically increases communication capacity.

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In addition to pursuing stable and effective electric power transmission, we contribute to the continuous development of society through providing energy.

Representative products

Cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables

Our cables make use of polyethylene material technology. They are used as trunk lines underground and in buildings.

EFLEX cable protecting pipes

Our pipes have boasted the top market share for 40 some years, thanks to their low weight, high strength, flexibility, and overall workability.

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Our diverse lineup of technologies and products offer total support for the next-generation automotive manufacturing that will offer higher functionality and environmental characteristics.

Representative products

Steering Roll Connector (SRC)
automotive airbag connectors

Our connectors transmit electric signals within the steering wheel, such as when airbags are activated or when the horn, A/C, or radio are switched on/off.

Wire harnesses

Our wires are used to connect automotive electrical systems. We utilize our superior raw material technologies to reduce the weight and diameter of wires, supporting both the environment and recycling.

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We leverage our wide range of technologies from raw materials to production to help reduce the weight of electronics while at the same increasing their functionality.

Representative products

TEX Series triple insulated wires

The triple insulated coating of our wires offers strong insulation durability and meets IEC regulations, and helps to reduce the size of switching power supply trunk cables.

EFTEC-64T lead frame materials

Our materials have a low electric resistance and use highly conductive alloy materials. They support narrow pitch work, and help to advance semiconductor technology.

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Construction / Architecture

We continue to combine the raw material and processing technologies we have developed over many years, in the pursuit of realizing amenity spaces in which we and our cities can exist in harmony with the environment.

Representative products

FUNEN ACE folded-plate roof insulation material

We developed our flame-retardant plastic foam with unique Furukawa Electric technology. Safer for workers, this insulation material can be used instead of more hazardous materials such as asbestos or glass wool.

METRON water-feeding piping systems

Our systems use sanitary and highly durable pipe material. Light, long, and flexible, they help to increase work efficiency on site.

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New businesses / Development products

We continue to develop new next-generation businesses with material technologies, with the theme of "helping to create a pleasant society based on the technologies developed by material strength."

Representative products

PERFLOW Sort flow cytometer

Our new type of analysis device uses a semiconductor laser for optical communication (blue laser) and optical fiber technology.

QUARTZ DOT fluorescent silica nanoparticle

Our nanoparticle allows for precise control of particles, and for the creation of particles with characteristics that are best suited for each application.

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